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K.L.S Power Group

KLS power group has been an Australian-owned commercial retailer and distributor since 2002, headquartered in Queensland, Australia. Since 2002, KLS Power Group has rapidly expanded into Australia and Asia, with branches in New South Wales, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

KLS Group’s car project in Australia currently provides services and products for car modification, repair, and accessories retail. It has set up a car modification service workshop and retail store in Brisbane and has a product showroom and wholesale product department in Sydney.

Intending to serve Australian and international customers, we develop the Australian automotive industry, provide automotive accessories and services to meet the needs of our customers and dealers, and now also distribute electrical accessories, tools, outdoor equipment, pet supplies, and more.

KLS Group acts as an agent/purchaser/R&D party to provide the top brand enterprises in Australia and Asia with the services required for their production and development. The scope is not only limited to automotive products but also includes electronic products, household/outdoor products/pet products. In recent years, due to the growing demand for Australian healthy food and agricultural products in the Asian market, the company established a foreign trade department in 2015. It began to engage in the export and procurement of more Australian local specialties. The company is based in Australia, looks at Asia, and is committed to building a broader two-way trade platform to serve the public.

K.L.S Power Group

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Established in Brisbane in 2002, our company business initially focused on vehicle lighting but has quickly expanded and now includes high-end auto parts, conversion parts, product development, and brand agency.

We are mainly engaged in automotive lighting systems.


Mainly engaged in automotive lighting systems.

Since 2005, the company has begun to act as an agent for some overseas high-end brands. In the same year, he actively participated in various competitions in Australia and attended various car modification exhibitions in Australia. In 2007, the company decided to expand operations, increase equipment, purchase many professional modifications and research and development equipment, increase the company's competitiveness in the Australian domestic market, and strengthen product research and development capabilities. Prepare for the research and development of products in higher fields


The company began to focus on introducing well-known Australian auto parts brands into the Asian market and developing more related parts suitable for Asian models. This is a great start. Before this, no Australian auto parts company Set up a branch office in Asia and specialized in its brand. Thanks to this powerful platform, the company has begun to expand its market operations regarding product export and import

In the same year, established the Hong Kong branch. In the early stage of operation, the main body was wholesale of Australian brand auto parts. Through continuous learning and understanding, our company has mastered the sales model and primary needs of the various markets


K.L.S POWER GROUP China branch is officially in operation. Due to the successful cases in the past, many Australian brands have cooperated with our company to join the Australian Modification Alliance platform. As of 2020, the company has represented and sold more than 40 well-known brands worldwide Brand

The Australian Modification Alliance has gone through more than ten years, and the company's scale is still expanding. We sincerely hope to establish a sales and service network with mutual support and mutual benefit with our customers. We have never stopped cooperating with our peers


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K.L.S Power Group Company Managment Structure

Managing Director

Phillip Joseph

Joint Managing Director


Marketing & Sales Director

Hongda ( Timo ) WANG

International Sales Manager

Winton Wild

Account Manager


Chief Business Analyst

Hongda  (Timo)  WANG

Sydney Branch Manager

Yue ( Tony ) ZHAO

Sydney Sales Manager

Jiaqi ( Jessie ) Luo

Brisbane Branch Manager


Brisbane Head Engineer

STEVE Redding

Business Analyst Assistant

Kit Shek

General Manager (Asia)

Billy WONG

Sales Manager (China)